PUBLISHED: Sea to Sky restaurant owner makes deal with the Dragons

PUBLISHED: Sea to Sky restaurant owner makes deal with the Dragons

The Green Moustache has a new partner


FEBRUARY 17, 2017 01:09 PM

Whistler’s Nicolette Richer, owner and founder of The Green Moustache restaurant chain, met with the Dragons this past Wednesday, Feb. 15. Requesting $350,00 for 15 per cent of their company, Richer and her family stood proudly and confidently in front of a panel of investors on CBC’s Dragons’ Den.


In the end, Richer was able to secure a deal with Manjeet Minhas, co-founder and CEO of Minhas Breweries & Distillery, at $500,000 for 25 per cent of the company. You can try The Green Moustache’s 100 per cent organic and plant-based food here in Squamish at their downtown Second Avenue location.


Quoting almost a million dollars in sales last year and profitable from day one, Richer explained that her food uses “organic and primarily local ingredients” and that “each dish is nutrient dense.”


“Every recipe in our store is designed to heal the body,” said Richer. “We actually have customers who come in and they treat [us] like the local pharmacy.”


Plans for the requested $350,000 included opening up a commissary in Vancouver to support future franchises and to ensure quality control of the ingredients being used in their food.


“We’ve had about 68 requests” for franchising, Richer said.


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