PUBLISHED: Bungalow968 makes a mark in Squamish

PUBLISHED: Bungalow968 makes a mark in Squamish

How a local entrepreneur is creating a communal space for arts in Squamish


MARCH 13, 2017 12:32 PM


Growing up in a little yellow bungalow in Calgary numbered 968, Meg Maclure has loved the smell of a hot glue gun and the whirring sound of a sewing machine for as long as she can remember. 


Describing herself as a truly sentimental vintage seeker, Maclure has brought her entrepreneurial spirit together with her passion for creating, refining and restoring.


Maclure, the owner of Bungalow968 located in Squamish, started the workshop and study space in 2008 with the simple idea of sharing her love of vintage, crafting and art.


“I was really fortunate growing up to be introduced to all kinds of art and crafting and making,” said Maclure. 


“I feel like those kinds of things are fading. I want to push to save these types of art from dying.”


What started as a vintage rentals collection of refinished, restored and handmade pieces, Bungalow968 has expanded into an ever-changing and malleable work space for creatives and those looking to try something new. 


“We are bringing creativity and connections to our community,” said Maclure. “My goal is to share my love of creativity and to provide a space and build a connection that inspires creativity in people.”


With workshops including everything from tapestry weaving for kids to milk painting 101 and French for Beginners, Bungalow968’s workshops are designed to showcase and share the incredible creative talent of local creators.


“Bungalow968 is constantly evolving,” said Maclure. “We look at the industry trends and the market and what people are looking for. We like to see what people are working towards and what they are trying to do and help meet those needs.”


Maclure’s newest venture is The Study, a space for hosting meetings, private client sessions or to sit solo and work on your own projects. Providing a long table that seats up to 20 people, The Study is just one stepping stone, Maclure said, in her efforts to offer a space to help others flourish.


“Squamish has a reputation for being very adventure based,” said Maclure. “But there’s this other side to the community, this other piece, that enjoys Squamish’s beauty in other ways.”


“Right now we are really focusing on creative and collaborative workshops designed and taught by local creators.”


Bungalow968 has a long list of people and groups in Squamish that are involved with the workshops that Bungalow hosts, Maclure told The Chief, adding that they are constantly looking to work with different creatives and groups to bring new things in and help them gain exposure and showcase them to the local market.


“Being an entrepreneur myself I know that there can be hurdles and challenges when starting a business,” added Maclure. “We are always trying to support more entrepreneurs.”


Maclure also hosts a monthly coffee meet-up with the goal of being able to connect with Squamish entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups and artists to find out what they are struggling with or what they are working on. The idea is to look at the different ways that Bungalow968 can create workshops around those areas and support those individuals in what they are pursuing.


“I can bring in more workshops, we can swap workshops out or host special events,” said Maclure. “We are always able to refocus and keep exploring the arts and keep them going.”


“I take pride in being able to help provide and support arts in our community,” Maclure added. “In being able to provide a space and an environment for people to come and express themselves and be more creative.”


To learn more about Bungalow968, rent from its collection of vintage wares or check out the incredible range of workshops that it offers, visit


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