My Platform

My Platform

This is my platform. I have spent months researching, including communicating with over 20 different student associations from UBC to Reed College, and collecting information on all that is contained within it, from Quest community members and from those association’s constitutions and bylaws, and want to work with students, both on and off of the SRC, to refine, shape, and implement it in a way that represents US, the student body, the best. I want to “Do More,” with the SRC

Independent Student Association

        I want to see a student association autonomous from Quest University Canada. The SRC as it stands is nothing more than a glorified high school council with too much money for their own good. I want to give the SRC real political and financial power. I want to see an SRC that can stand up for itself and accurately and fully support all members of the student association.

        QUSA is an abbreviation for “Quest University Student Association.” A change in the name of our SRC will help us to push forward with the complete redesign and overhaul of how we think about student representation on campus. Not only do I want to see the creation of an independent student association I want to see the creation of more communication, more representation, and more student involvement. I want to “Do More” with the SRC.


To “Do More” I will:


Ensure the creation of an Independent Student Association

Ensure the expansion of the current executive team.

Redesign and reevaluate all positions on the SRC to ensure clear and impactful mandates and purposes.

Create a Monetary Council to manage QUSA’s (SRC) spending.

Create an Academic Council to create a stronger voice in all academic decisions.

Implement a 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year plan for the expansion of student services, resources, and political impact.


        To read more about each of these categories you can look at the blocks below on this page. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read my platform. I hope to have your vote for President in the upcoming SRC Executive elections.

Executive Team Expansion


        I believe that it is essential to expand the current executive team of the SRC to ensure more student voices and more impactful and collaborative decision making. The president is only as good as the team around them.

I  want to see the creation of a 5 person executive team including:

  • President
  • Vice President Internal (Former VP)
    • Works within the student body and acts as chief advocate for on-campus student affairs
  • Vice President Finance (Former Minister of Finance)
    • Runs and organizes the Monetary Council
  • Vice President External ( Former Minister of External Affairs)
    • Works with student body and acts as chief advocate for off-campus student affairs.
  • Vice President Academic (Former Concentration Representative)
    • Runs and organizes the Academic Council


Each of these executive members would take a leading roll in the operation of QUSA.

Redesign and Reevaluate ALL Positions


        As with the need to expand the executive team I also see the need to redesign and reevaluate all current SRC positions. This simply comes down to ensuring that all positions have remained relevant to the student body and that the mandates of these positions accurately reflect the roles that students feel these positions should play on campus.

        This is a process that would demand full student engagement and support by the student body before any changes to any positions are made. Any change like this would directly impact all students. It is essential that all students are involved in the process of their redesign and reevaluation.

        This process would also be lead by each respective minister themselves. By having the ministers lead their own reevaluation and redesign of their positions they are able to have a more impactful role on the future of the SRC and on their ministerial mandates and goals.

Monetary Council


        The Monetary Council would become the new SRC (QUSA)  student initiative funding body taking over from the current system of the entire SRC as the funding body, allowing ministers to focus on their mandates and not event funding. This idea has been developed through communication with over 7 different student association presidents and analysis of over 20 student association constitutions.

        The Monetary Council would be led by the Vice President Finance and hold 6 rotating positions. Three positions would be mandated towards SRC (QUSA) Ministers and another three positions would be for general members of the student association. This mix provides several key improvements for SRC (QUSA) financing.


  1. Allows a more active non-SRC (QUSA) voice on financial decisions.
  2. Ensures that not all minsters need to worry about funding meetings allowing them to dedicate more of their time to their individual mandates.
  3. Creates a quicker and more streamlined process of funding with less hassle, confusion, and contradiction.
  4. Establish distinct guidelines and protocols on all funding matters of the SRC (QUSA)
  5. Finally, it would allow the SRC (QUSA) to focus on ways to support the student body other than funding events. Allowing them to focus more time and attention to real issues such as human rights policies, guaranteed student voices on all standing committees, and long-term student services.

Academic Council


        The Academic Council would see the dissolution of the Concentration and Foundation Representatives to form a larger council of elected students. The Concentration Representative would become the VP Academic and the Foundation Representative would become one of 6 members of the council. 

        Students would be elected onto the council and serve a one-academic year team. This allows for more diverse opinions and voices in the conversation of academics at Quest as well as for more students to become involved in these important conversations. 

        Academics is why we are here at Quest and ensuring that our voices are heard in the academic decision making and supporting processes is vital to our educations. I believe that the SRC (QUSA) should take a more active role in supporting academic initiatives and discussions on and off of campus.

        It is hoped that Tutors would also become members of the Academic Council to further foster and encourage conversation between the two groups.

Yearly Plans


        To ensure that the pursuit of autonomy of the SRC is not a failed effort I have created a one-year, a three-year, and a five-year plan for the SRC (QUSA). I have included these plans here in bullet point form to ensure an easier and less lengthy read. 

One-Year Plan – Completed by May 1, 2017


  • Complete Independence Research
  • Reevaluate the function and role of the SRC
  • Adapt and change as needed to fit this changing role. (To be included in the autonomous organizations new constitution/Policies)
  • Become an Independent Entity from Quest University Canada
  • Expand executive team; President, VP Finance, VP External, VP Internal, VP Academic
  • Form the Monetary Council to enact the SRC’s mandate of all monies of the SRC and all investments, incomes, expenditures, or financial concerns. Headed by VP Finance
  • Form the Academic Council, like a senate, a number of students dedicate to discussing academic issues. Headed by VP Academic
  • Create a Memorandum of Understanding with Quest University Canada in regards to various services and safeties provided by the University for the Student Association.
  • Establishment of a Student Union Building Fund
  • Hire a General Manager to maintain longevity and business components of the SRC.




Three-Year Plan – Completed by May 1, 2019


  • Create policy for developing student businesses and services.
  • Provide opt-out dental and extended medical to all members of the student association.
  • Revise/revisit components of Quest University Canada Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as well as all policies and guidelines of the Association. This includes the constitution.
  • Gain a long-term lease or agreement with Quest University Canada for space for a Student Union Building.


Five-Year Plan – Completed by May 1, 2021


  • Reevaluate the Student Union Building Fund.
    • This includes beginning discussions with bank to gain a loan to build a student union building with the ultimate goal being to break ground.
  • Revise/revisit components of Quest University Canada MOU as well as all policies and guidelines of the Association. This includes the constitution.



      These plans act as a template of the possibilities go change for the SRC based on what I, and many others, have identified as larger systematic needs of the SRC. These plans are of course open for change and redesign based on the needs and desires of the student association but their purposes and goals and overarching themes are what I believe are the premiere way forward for the SRC.


         For more information on my platform or for any questions you can contact me anytime through this website, Facebook, Twitter, my QuestU email, or in person. I thank you for taking the time to read about the realistic goals that I have set for myself and the student body, if elected as your next SRC President. Together, we can sow the seed for a more engaging, more inclusive, and more impactful SRC.

More on the Creation of QUSA


        This section is designed to give more information on the pursuit of an independent student association, QUSA. The structure and core foundation of the organization will be created through direct consultation with the Quest student body, several already existing independent student associations (UBC AMS, SFU, UFV, VIU, McGill Vanderbilt, Reed, etc…), and a lawyer hired to create the legal documentation for the separate organization. 


        The SRC Independence project acts to create a separate legal entity of a student representative association for the student body of Quest University Canada. This separate legal entity will function alongside Quest University Canada and act as a central voice for students. By becoming a separate legal entity the SRC gains higher levels of political and financial freedom. This in turn ensures that the SRC is able to more accurately and effectively represent the interests, beliefs, and causes of the student association. It is the next natural growing step of the SRC and creates an endless amount of possibilities for student initiatives, student support, and student involvement. 


        Under the current arrangement the SRC exists solely because Quest University allows it to, it receives student fees solely because Quest University allows it to. This is not ideal. In order to ensure that the SRC can actually represent the student body and become a political power on campus it must be able to free from potential constraints or actions placed on it by the university. An Independent SRC allows us to guarantee student voices are heard on campus and opens up out financial freedom to invest not only in student initiatives but long-term student services. This services could include a Student Union Building with a pub and space for clubs and studying, opt-out extended medical, dental, and eye-care for all students, creation of student and alumni businesses, partnerships with international organizations for travel, and the ability to empower and support more students politically. 


        An Independent Student Association would cost money initially. Money that we have and can spare to spend. Money that would be better served creating opportunities for students than sitting in a bank account depreciating in value. QUSA, if implemented, will see a complete restructure of the current SRC constitution and of the SRC  in its self. The executive team will expand the Ministers will become members of the associations “Board of Directors” and funding will be split between student initiatives, headed by the Monetary Council, and student and political services, headed by the “Board of Directors,” more specifically supporting ministers in fulfilling their mandates.


        These changes must be brought forward through a student association wide referendum. This is to ensure that all students have a say in how the new SRC will be structured. That all students will have a change to be involved with the creation of QUSA. And that all students will be heard.


        These changes will allow us to do more! They will allow us to make the SRC relevant. They will allow us to have a louder and stronger voice on campus. If these are interests that you believe are important I implore you to vote for me as President in the upcoming SRC executive elections. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me through media or in person. I am always willing to listen and hear your voice.