My Experience

A President has three unique opportunities to be the catalyst of change in the university environment.


The President is responsible for setting the tone within the team. The attitude with which they approach developing the dynamic that guides the work of those around them will directly correlate to how well that organization operates. This includes being approachable and someone who will listen no matter what their personal politics or opinion.


The President is the spokesperson for the entire student body, and is responsible for representing the views of many during key conversations, especially those with the university administration. It is essential that they create continuous open dialogue with the student body and act not just as their leader but as their peer.


Most importantly, it is the president’s job to dream big. By dreaming big the President moves the student association forward and allows for the continual progression of the student body.


This is how I will approach the role of President. 


Below are just a few of the experiences I have had that I believe will help me in my role, should I be elected, as President of the SRC. For more information and experience you can visit my LinkedIn by clicking here.

Founder & Station Manager 2013 -2015

I played the key role in the creation of Quest’s first student radio station, Quest Coast Sound Radio. I also acted as the first Station Manager of the radio. This involved not only running and operating the day-to-days of a radio station but the constant communication with other groups and organizations around campus and Quest’s administration. Starting the radio was the catalyst for me become the Minister of Finance.

Minister of Finance 2015/2016

As the Minister of Finance I dealt with all matters financially for our Student Association. Managing an account and assets worth $200,000 as well as ensuring appropriate, responsible, and fair spending and budgeting of all assets. I further helped to reform the structure of the associations finances creating the institutions first annual budget and expanding all working relationships with the University administration and the student body.

Student Ambassador/Social Media Manager 2013 – present.

I started working in Admissions in 2013 giving tours and talking with prospective students. I began managing Quest’s social media presence in 2014 and have been doing that since. This has given me an immense understanding of how admissions and marketing communicates with the outside world and how it presents itself. Understanding the narrative that Quest is presenting is vital in understanding how and why they are making he decisions they are making. With this knowledge I am able to better communicate with Quest administration as well as several department heads at Quest.

Dancing Bear Music Festival Coordinator

Acted as one of two main coordinators for Quest’s annual end of year music festival, Dancing Bear. I was directly responsible for the marketing and advertising teams, artist liaison team, accounting, and general organization of the festival. I also acted as a liaison with artists, greater community, businesses, and venue hosts. Through my involvement Dancing Bear experienced its first and only, yet, year of sold out tickets and reduced money loss by over $5000.

Go-Kart Track Attendant

That’s right… I was a Go-Kart track attendant once.

I ensured safety of guests, a fun-filled environment, as well as an unforgettable experience for the many patrons we had at the track…

This was also the worst job I’ve ever had…

This isn’t really related and is more of a joke but I still think it’s pretty cool.

This is a video on why it was the worst job I've ever had.