My name is James. I live by the motto “Work Hard, Be Brave, and then work a little harder.” I have a Bachelors of Arts & Science from Quest University Canada in Squamish, BC, a non-profit, private, secular university specializing in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. At Quest I didn’t declare a “Major” I declared a “Question.” 


My Question was “Is Media Power?” Inspired by the likes of Michel Foucault, Marshall McLuhan, and the bastardization which is the understanding of modern digital media. By my final year I was looking directly at how politicians can be better targeting young voters through new media platforms. Through practical experience as a student politician, working with a federal political party, and enveloping myself in the media that I was interested in I was able to create a final thesis paper in the form of a book titled “The Modern Prince.” This book explores the ideas of using online media influencers and social media applications like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube along with their “Authentic” environments to better target young voters. 

I live by a “Never Do Nothing” attitude, even if that is the cheesiest line I could tell you. I strive to always be busy, to always be working harder, and to always be improving and progressing my work and my personal life. I believe that if you’re not progressing, if you’re not challenging yourself, and if you’re not willing to try then you’re failing. 


But doing more and trying isn’t the only thing that ensures progress. Being meaningful is only half of the battle. Ideas aren’t anything until you do them and without having meaning behind what you do and what your ideas are you won’t enjoy what you do. I try to never not act on an idea. Whether that means taking the time to plan it and think it out or actually jumping into it. Everything I do I try to do with my full amount of attention, passion, and excitement.


This website is not just my personal portfolio. It is a hub of all things me and acts as a grounds to share my thoughts, feelings, inspirations, learnings, musings, experience, and anything else I feel like at any given moment. Thanks for visiting, do get in touch if you feel inclined.


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