About Me

Watch the short, I promise, video above to find out a bit more about me!

My name is James Blumhagen and I’m in my 3rd year at Quest. I am original from Penticton, BC, which is a tiny desert town about 6 hours east of Vancouver (It reaches 40C or (I think) 105F in the summer…). While at Quest I’ve been involved in a lot of different things. Everything from the radio club, The Mark, and acting as an admissions ambassador to being the Minister of Finance on the SRC during 2014/2015.

Through my massive involvement I’ve been able to create a ton of connections across campus and within many different campus groups. I strive myself on being assessable to all who may need to connect and on working harder every single day. (So much so that I had it tattooed on my wrist so I don’t forget!) I love media, politics, and economics and my question is actually “Is Media Power?” This allows me to combine these three loves in my academic pursuits.

If you want to know more about me feel free to stop me and chat me up anytime you feel the need. I’m more than happy to find a time to sit down ┬áto listen and hear what you have to say. You can contact me in persona round campus, on Facebook, Twitter, and through my Quest email as well.